Cappadocia is a song created by rain and wind, nature and history, said for thousands of years..

In Cappadocia, named after the Persian word "Katpatuka" meaning "the country of beautiful horses", in those ancient times gorgeous horses were raised and raced in Roman Hippodromes. In this charming world where the earth is a work of art committed by the nature, where the blue sky extends as if defying to eternity, where the history will be amazed by the preposterous art of nature; you will start a magical journey in the mysterious mazes of history.

Balloon ride experience is a must when you are in Cappadocia.

During your full of history accommodation in Cappadocia Lodge, you may prefer to have a unique tour where you will be discovering the secrets of the valleys and fairy chimneys by cycling or horse riding. You may join the jeep rides or walking tours to Ihlara Valley, Nar Lake Crater, to underground settlements where refugees used to hide themselves or to astonishingly rich open-air museums and feel the charm of Cappadocia in your heart. Yet you will not be fully discovering the magical secrets of Cappadocia, if you haven’t watched the world’s most spectacular sunrise during the balloon ride.

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