Let one of the most impressive cities of the world be the witness of the most special day in your life. And may your joy be as timeless and eternal as the fair chimneys reaching out to sky. Cappadocia Lodge is one of the most magical places we can suggest for a wedding of your dreams or a romantic honeymoon.

One of the most beautiful moments of the romantic get away you will experience in Cappadocia Lodge, will for sure be the balloon tour where you will be gliding among the clouds. If the heights are not for you, dream about exploring the valleys on horseback, romantic dinners at Cappadocia Lodge or the great wine you will enjoy by the fireplace. At Cappadocia Lodge everything will be flawless, just as you have imagined.


Have you ever had a meeting you wished it didn’t end? Cappadocia Lodge offers a business proposition where you will enjoy every moment in one of the most mystical geographies in Turkey

Now business time..

Logde Conference Center offers you the ideal conditions you would ask for a functional business trip with perfect infrastructure and up to date technologically equipped event venues including 1 gala dinner and meeting room, 1 meeting room that can be divided into 2, 1 small meeting room and 2 additional meeting rooms upto capacity of 40 people.

Lodge Gala and Meeting Room Ürgüp Meeting Room Avanos Meeting Room Zelve Meeting Room
The large meeting room for 675 persons offers perfect solutions for your extensive organizations in a large area. In the comfortable room with a feeling of refreshment, you can make sitting arrangements for movies-theater or as classroom, depending on your own requirements.

Lodge Gala and Meeting Room satisfies all your activities with its seat capacity of 450 persons, starting from small celebrations up to extensive meetings.
You can choose one of our meetings rooms for 90 persons for your administrative meetings or for meetings where a small participation is required. Depending on your request, two meeting rooms can be combined and be used as a great meeting room of 170 m2. Our Avanos meeting rooms that you can use for your small-scaled meetings can be combined like the Ürgüp meeting rooms and thus a meeting room with 80 m2 will be achieved. Also the sitting arrangement in these rooms can be mad efor movies, theater or classroom. These are designed for administrative meeting with small participation. Sitting arrangements as hall, movies-theater or as classroom can be made.

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